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Bent Creek/Pisgah Trails

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I am coming to the area and actually staying in Lake Lure. Could anyone give me an idea how long of a drive from Lake Lure to Bent Creek and Pisgah trails. Was thinking of mainly the trails in the Pisgah Ranger District. Thanks for the help.
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Lake Lure to Trails

Lake Lure is a beautiful area. I hope you enjoy your stay. Strange, but I don't think there are any trails real close to Lake Lure.

From Lake Luke to Bent Creek is around 30 miles and will take from 45 minutes to an hour. I would travel Hwy 74A towards Asheville till the intersection with the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take the Blue Ridge Parkway south towards Mount Pisgah and exit on Hwy 191. Go north on Hwy 191 and look for the road on your left going to Bent Creek. Go south on Hwy 191 to get to the Mill River trailheads.

To get to Dupont or the Davidson River area from Lake Lure, take Hwy 64 west to Brevard. It is around 40 miles to Brevard and will take a little over an hour.

Lake Lure is 22 miles (30 minutes) from Black Mountain. You can get to Black Mountain by traveling north on Hwy 9. Kitsuma is located just east of Black Mountain and provides a technical, fast, fun single-track downhill with a long but easy uphill return via an old beautiful gated paved road. This trail is reviewed in the trail review section of this web site (Misspelled as Kitzuma). This is in the Grandfather District of the Pisgah National Forest. The guys at the Epic Cycles Bike shop in Black Mountain (Take a left at the first street after you cross the railroad in Black Mountain, and the shop is the first store on the right.), can answer any questions you have about the trail and provide directions.
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There are private property trails that you can access in Lake Lure that really are "open to the public." They are heavily used by horses, so try going on weekdays. Try asking the manager of where you are staying, or private message me and I'll give you directions to the one out and back I know for sure- it's terribly pretty. Peace.
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