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Bent Creek in Compass magazine

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This issue is from April. I didn't receive it and snagged a copy today.

Of interest:

"Tracking Recreation at Bent Creek"

I volunteered for two weeks at a roadside survey in 2007 when my wrist was broken. Of those who graciously took a few minutes to stop and chat, mostly tourist bike riders or families going to the lake, the feedback was positive.

Regardless of who's "name" get's attached to a trail system and regardless of whether you, as an individual, appreciate their efforts and the volunteers who assist them - mountain biker's opinions are respected and considered.

Yea! Pisgah, Richmond Hill, Bent Creek and DuPont. Mills River next!

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My limited computer programs made finding/sizing this picture a bit fun.

This was in the magazine, but not on the web site.

Forest Researcher's back in the 1920's had a premonition for the future?


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