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Bent / Broken XTR RD

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My 760 Rapid Rise was mangled by a large stick which also ripped spokes out of my rim and destroyed my chain. Very expensive stick.

Bought a new XT, rim, chain and cassette but I want to fix my XTR. The inner cage is badly bent and cracked. Does this come out easily, and where do you get the parts?

The exploded view seems to show that it can be replaced. If anyone here has any experience with this let me know what I'm getting into. I want to make the XT my spare.

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Order Parts From Your LBS

It comes apart pretty easily, just one allen bolt.

Putting it back together is a bit more trickey as there is a spring in there and it can be dificult to get it lined up and with the right amount of tension
Thanks Shane

That's the part I was wondering about. The spring and the tension all set with the assembly when it goes back together.
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