We love the Spurcycle Bell. It has a beautiful aesthetic, a sonorous "ding," and it's made in the USA. The only problem is that the brass dome hangs low and doesn't always play nice with brake levers.

Learn more about the Spurcycle, an elegant (and long lasting) bell.

Belltower Off Bike Blue Orange

The Belltower is made to order by Shapeways in Long Island, New York.​

To make it easier to reach, Lindarets designed a spacer that fits perfectly underneath. This lifts the entire bell just high enough to clear shifter clamps and brake levers. They originally designed the spacer just for themselves, but people started asking about them, so they partnered with U.S. manufacturer Shapeways to have them 3D printed to order.

Belltower Colors

The Belltower is available in black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow.​

Price is $7 and you can learn more at www.lindarets.com.