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Hey Everyone,

Flagstaff, Az needs your help. The Ft. Tuthill bike park has been selected as one of the finalists for the Bell Built Grants in the Western division. We need your votes to help start this project. If this project wins, the money will go towards building the beginner and intermediate flow trails at the Coconino County Fairgrounds. Coconino county has set aside land after several years of negotiating with the Flagstaff Bicycle Organization (FBO) for a MTB skills park. The county will maintain this park, however, it cannot be built by volunteers. FBO will need to do most of the fund raising to complete this project to pay for a professional crew. So if you could please take a couple minutes out of your day and vote it would be greatly appreciated. After you vote please go to your email and click the link from Bell to confirm your vote. Thanks again.


If you have any questions please ask away. The park will be free to the public.

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Best of luck to you guys in Flagstaff.

On the other hand I wonder how come we "Las Vegas" don't have anything like this going on?
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