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Saturday, January 13 2007, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Got a new bike for Chrismas? If so or not, come pratice your basic biking sklills. Bring your bike and helment (required). FREE Rain date is Feb. 10th. Please check back here for the latest info.

The tentative plan is:

1. participants name and how long they have been riding and what they hope to get out of the clinic. (this will tell you a ton about the participants if you listen)
2. Introduce Instructors

Positive Attitude
1. Postive thinking
2. Target fixation

1. Helmet
2. Water/Sports Drink
3. Food
4. Tube, tools and pump
5. Tell someone where you are going

Trail Etiquette
1. No unauthorized trail work
a. Leave Rocks/logs, etc in place
2 Who has right of way up vs down
3 Ride open trails only
4 Directional/bidirectional
5 IMBA rules
a. Ride only open trails
b. Ride in control
c. Always yield trail to other users
d. Never scare animals
e. Leave no trace
f. Plan ahead
1. Hydrate days before riding
2. water and sports drink – drink before thirsty
3. eat before hungry

Bike set up
1. seat height
2. tire pressure
3. shifter/brake position

1. use of front and rear brake
2. body position
3. relax
4. target fixation/Postive thinking

1. choose correct gear
a. don’t change gears under pressure
2. body position
3. relax
4. starting on a hill
5. target fixation/Postive thinking

1. pedal in circles
2. scrape bottom
3. knee toward handle bar

1. Importance of balance
2. Trackstanding

1. THE TURN if there is time

Small Obstacles.
1. Small logs, etc.

Location: Monte Sano State Park Office
Contact: Robert Murphy
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