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Beginner's question with new Reba SL

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Hey all -

I recently purchased a 29" Reba SL fork. I had no problems installing it and setting up PushLoc. However there is what can be described as a small, horseshoe shaped washer that is sitting underneath the seal below the access point for the internal floodgate adjustment.

Is this "washer" meant to be removed, or should it stay on the fork? Apologies - don't have a photo - thanks in advance!
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That's supposed to be there, leave it alone.
Leave it on...

What you are describing is a c-clip used to hold on the blue compression knob.

You can remove it with a pair of snap-ring pliers for servicing if you ever want to take off the knob to access the 24mm socket to unscrew the MoCo damper.

Ride on.
Thanks - much appreciated!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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