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Beginner question about juicy 5

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So I bought a used bike 07 giant xtc0 for ~600$. It was used a lot... Now I'm regretting to buy it. Oh well got live with my mistakes and learn from them. The main problem is with brakes. They are touching and the back isn't breaking as well as front. Event though I tried to align them. Front is just making a small noise but still irritating, but the back.. oh my gosh.. It makes a good wobbling sound . And I don't know if the brake leaver is working fine, because you can pull it more then the front. The video turned out like crap but still here it is I don't like the way that you can pull it much further with more force and a lot of squeaking. Maybe it needs bleeding?. Oh and here are the pictures of back brake pads
Is there hope rebuilding brakes? I mean changing pads to organic ones, buying a bleed kit. Maybe there is an article how to take it apart, clean it and put it back together(That way I would learn a lot about brakes and have some fun:)) Or I'm better of saving money for new brake set?
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If you take them all apart clean them, change seals, change fluid, make sure rotors are straight and install new pads you will be good. Problem is this costs a lot of money for the re-build kits, fluid and bleed kit. A little more money and you can buy new. Tough choice.
new organic pads, bleed, and a little grease on the CPS hardware to help with alignment...

There are detailed instructions on Avid or SRAM websites!
Maybe you know someone who made a bleed kit himself? Some syringes, brake fluid(from auto shop), medical tubes. Don't know about clamps and compression ferrules or how they are called. Is this possible? Coz in my country bleed kit costs ~50$ that's a lot for me:]

EDIT: found someone who made it damn its cheap
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