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It's about showing up.
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Michael Mejia, Director of the El Cerrito Racing Club and the Director of the Berkeley-Albany Mountain Bike Program, will be leading a Beginner's Ride as a part of the Chabot Gala Ride this Saturday. It will be shorter and flatter than the other rides but we will play at a bit of technical riding just to see how we do. This is a genuine no-drop ride, with some teasing, and general skills building. Riders 14 and older are encouraged to attend.
There is one caveat. The bike must be in good shape. While I am pleased to do real basic stuff I will not tolerate a badly prepared bike as it ruins the ride for everyone. We have a basic rule in our El Cerrito Racing Club. If you show up with a mechanical or one shows up on the trail that obviously could have been taken care of before hand, then you will be beaten to death with our emergency pumps. If you complain we will do it slowly. As a crusty old photographer once told me when I was just getting started, "you are going to make mistakes, just try to avoid the obvious ones." Having said that, stuff happens, just make a good effort of taking care of your bike before showing up.:D
For information about time and place go to the website for the Bicycle Trails Counsil of the East Bay Rides section here:

See you there!
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