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Beginner Friendly Trails Near Monadnock?

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Hey All,

I'm coming up for the 4th with my girlfriend to hike Monadnock, we are also hoping to get in a day of MTBing while there. Can someone let me know of any beginner friendly trails nearby? Hoping to combine some gravel roads with some beginner friendly single track, a little intermediate thrown in wouldn't be too bad.

David B.
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I don't know of many trails around there other that Pisgah State Park which is just west of Keene, NH. Enjoy climbing Monadnock, though, it's an easy climb with enjoyable views. Shouldn't take you more than 4 hours or so round trip as long as you don't do the whole Pumpbelly Trail. The Marlboro Trail off of Shaker Farm Road is a great route that is a little more difficult. Someone that lives more local should have more info about trails. I live out on the Seacoast.
Keene has some good trails. It's been years since I've riden them, but you could try Goose Pond. There are a couple ways in to the Goose, there is a closed access road located on East Surry Road, on the same road is a small parking lot at the trail head in, and if you go to the very end of E. Surry Rd. there is a trail up to the right (I believe through some power lines) that will put you above the pond giving you some nice downhill single and double track into the pond area.

Drummer Hill has a mess of single track accessable off of Timberlane Drive. I believe you can ride some of these into Goose Pond.

There is an easy path around the Ashuelot River. Access is via the park on West Street.

There are some other great technical trails, but you really need a guide inorder to find and/or link them together. If you don't mind explorering a bit, take a ride over the old stone railroad bridge near East Swanzey Factory Rd. and Rt. 101. Follow this away from Keene. It was possible to follow this out to Rt. 101 by the mini golf course, but the construction of the new jail has probably removed some of the old trail. I'm sure some people have come up with a way around this though.
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