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Begging on National- "Could you spare a turkey drumstick, sir?"

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Huge thank you to the rider who helped me out on National today!

I had ridden the Mormon/National yesterday and decided to come back today to try the DC/ Telegraph/National loop. All started well but I quickly realized that I had failed to replenish my supply of Clif Shots and granola bars. Fast forward to me absolutely bonking as I started down National on my fully rigid SS. I thought I might be able to run it out but I soon started having trouble motoring over the littlest of climbs and was very concerned with my hands just falling of the grips!

Now I'm not the kind of person who would usually ask to bum food out on the trail but when I started having waking fantasies about a Sonic hamburger and scanning the side of the trail for edible cactuses, I finally gave in.

Cue the most delicious 2 year old tangerine Power Shot I have ever experienced!

When "Saint Yeti" rounded the corner (at least I think he was on a Yeti), I was running scripts through my head. Do I say "How's it going? Got any spare turkey drumsticks in your Camelback?" How do you even get that out before they're riding off around the next bend? I decided to keep it simple.

"Hi! Dumb question but you got spare food?"

I thing it came out more like "Himb geston mut rare food?" I think I then said something next about how all I had was wrappers and how I had Christmas in Chicago! I might have been actually only vocalizing every other syllable.

This is where I got tunnel vision as he reached in his pack and sheepishly said, " All I have it this old Power Shot. I had one a while back and I didn't get sick.". Semantics. In slow motion he passed it over and I desperately tore at the small neck to get at the contents. He never mentioned what flavor it was and the beige color gave me no pause as I devoured the toothpaste consistency playdough. Better than anything I had eaten up to that moment in my life!

Yeti Guy then left me (personally I think he was a little worried I might finish this one and start looking at him like a hungry mountain lion that just had a housecat appetizer) and I started down the trail again almost immediately feeling better with the sugar load and double caffeine sidecar on board.

Long stroy short- I made it down to my car in one piece. The real story here is that while I was gaining my legs back heading down National, I finally cleared a 16" (ish) drop that I had been chickening out on during my last 4 rides. I think it was the combination of the diminishing bonk coupled with kidneys that were dealing with the sugar Hiroshima but either way, I didn't overthink it and rolled it!! That one's for Yeti Dude!

If you hear someone yell at you while you're bombing down National, "HIT IT LIKE A TANGERINE POWER SHOT", blame the guy on the Yeti.

Thanks again! You really saved my ride!

(Pics of Sonic #1 combo with mustard to follow shortly.)
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something about this post made me lol. Next time your thinking epicness like this invite me along ;)
That's funny. I've actually given food a couple times out there - even let a hiker drink some water from my pack once. How's that for working on hiker/biker relations on South Mountain? lol. (ok, I did nicely ask if he had any diseases that I should worry about first though - kinda weird to let some strange dude drink water from your camelbak).

You are more than welcome. I just wish I would have had a newer goo to give you! I don't eat them much anymore.

The write up you did was worth much more than the old goo I gave you.

I'm always willing to help on the trail because you never know when it will be you on the other end.

When the heat is on here I ended up giving away water at least once a week.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in the valley of the sun (with a lot of clouds these last few days).

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Great read. Great concept. Will ride for food....
Good story, made me laugh.

I once gave several squares of toilet paper to a guy stopped at that "biggest 4 footer to flat" section on Porcupine Rim. He was quite relieved and thankful that I actually had some stashed in my pack. When I handed it over he said quietly, "It's for my girlfriend, thanks man". I looked over his shoulder and saw some girl off trail pacing back and forth.

I'm a saint. At least in that guys eyes.
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