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Super nice for sure, but I'm sure it's not strong enough for me (195 lbs) to ride off road.

I would pull the hub around in the dropouts, then kill the wheels, then the fork, and finally the seat stays where they meet the frame. It would make a nice road bike. Oh wait, it is a nice road bike, just with big tires.

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Nice Bike!

Bob Brown does some pretty nice work! I've seen some other examples, like the steel Head Shok mountain bike conversion that he did, which was a crazy, cool project.

The bike isn't your typical NorCal/ Colo/Ute/NewMex machine, but for buff singletrack in the Mid West and gravel grinding, that looks fun!

Love the stem! :thumbsup:

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BB does it again!

Bob has to be considered one of the better builders on the market right now. He's very creative. almost as much as Sacha. Daring I know, but I think he is. Just look at some of his projects.

On top of being a very accomplished builder, he's a super nice, fast guy. Nice work Bob!

Oh yeah. gotta love the fact he's using canti's!

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so with "real world" wheels and tires it would be...20-22 lbs? still very impressive. Bike of the year in my book.

and soccer rules by the way. but I hate to see a game where PKs decide the outcome, whether by whistle or shootout. I know. "this ain't the soccer review forum"

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Beautiful build. Wow, now that's what I'm talking about. Thanks for posting.

I had Bob do some work on an early-90s Paramount that I had wrecked the downtube on. He did a great job with the fix and paint, just killer. I thought it was cool that he complimented the frame, as once he stripped it down, he said it was one of the best builds he had ever seen. A lot coming from this guy.

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True, this bike is pretty light, it's not for everyone. It's a bike like all my others, custom made for a specific purpose. This one happens to be typical midwestern singletrack, which is smooth and does not involve huge bomber decents.

Most of the weight savings on this frame are actually in the components, specifically the wheels. The Notubes rims and tires are really, really light, probably too light for most, but fine for smooth lightweight riders. The Stan's 29'er rims weighed in at 404g each and the tires were about 420 g each. not using tubes is another 120g per tire, so using these wheels took about 2lbs off the bike compared to wheels I'd usually spec on more general duty stuff.

If someone who was in the 200 lb range wanted a bike like this I'd build it differently and it would certainly weigh more, probably in the 21-22lb range.

I may be building a more "production" style 29'er frame in the near future for sale in several local retail shops, those will certainly be slightly heavier frames, but similar styling and absolutely lugged.

if you have more specific questions, feel free to email me directly, there's a link on my website. Thanks for the comments

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