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Bearings for Bontrager Rhythm Comps

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Have a set of Bontrager Rhythm Comps my Pace RC303, they are of an 09 Fuel EX8. Very impressed with them in general, but Front bearings are shot (british winters) and i can get bearings cheap/free through work, and happy doing em, just need some info

1) anyone know the part no/size for bearings that go in them
2) anyone found anything like a service manual for em - hub looks like it needs a special tool to service?
3) supposed to be DT hubs, anyone know the model?

If not may actually have to pay someone to look at em:eekster:
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did you manage to find a service manual for them? my rear hubs making a clicking noice under braking and putting the power down though the cranks, so it needs a good look at now to see whats going on in there,

thanks tom,
Sounds like the freehub to me, if you bought new should be covered by waranty, should bet a 5yr warranty on the rims:cool:

From the 09 catalogue for QR Rhythm wheels

Front bearings
2x 6903 2RS
1x 6000 2RS non drive side

apparently the rear freehub drive side bearings are a *****, can be done seperately but reccomendation is a new freehub, so needs looking after :mad:
thanks, im going to go and dissassemble the bike now as i am planning on shimming down the volume of my rear shock, so i will look at it while the bikes in the stand, does anyone have a service guide to dissassemble the hub otherwise im heading in blind as i dont have much knowledge about these Brontrager hubs,
sorted, took the rear hub to peices, cleaned and regreased them as i found out the rear is a cup/cone design, and everything is fine for now but i will keep my eye on it and see how it goes,
back again, just picked up a used 2010 ex9, but wheel bearings need doing, so wondering if anyone knows what the front 15mm bearing code is

apparently the 20mm is 6805 2rs, but not sure if the 15mm will use the same if you can convert between them?

anyone know how they dis assemble too?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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