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Bearing Winterizing tips?

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Any tips on how to get into bearings to put some winter ready lube inside? I've got the stock Mr.Whirly bearings here, a king headset and several other items and wondered if there were some good pictures or tips before I just give it the old college try.

EDIT: Figured out the Whirly's. I think I've got the King HS figured out too. Hub bearings will be next but I'm going ice climbing first... (pictures to come of all processes, tips still appreciated)
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Go ceramic bearings if you can afford it, they don't rust, roll faster and will last way longer than steel bearings. Trust me I work with the guy who invented them.
Hope this helps some people.

Bearing winterizing
I wouldn't worry about the hs, but as you've probably figured out by now its really easy.

The Fatback hub has a light oil in the free hub and is suitable for the cold.
The bearings could use a colder rated grease, but its not necessary.
I just tested a pair of un winterized, straight out of the box Fatback hubs at 50 below this weekend and had no issues.
The bearings roll a bit slower in the cold (-20 and colder) and repacking them with a colder temp grease them will improve that, but I don't bother.
Thanks Pete. If I dig in further I'll take more pictures and post again.
Its worth considering Chris that traditionally Pete fixes everyones bike the week leading up to Ultrasport and organises every whimsical need for out of towners.He then opens his frame bag and packs himself just before leaving for Knik lake,gets on his bike and rides to Nome.As long as he has a licorice stick he seems to function.What works for Pete might not apply to others.
LMAO Carl :D
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