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Bearing assembly

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Ok I am building a bike up, and i have a used frame which came with a headset. In this case a Cane Creek S2. when assembling it small split ring fell off the lower bearing. Is this a part of the bearing it self, or is this the "race" that sits between the bearing and the forks that has got stuck to bearing because of the grease, if not I'll have to buy a race.

Thank you.

PS: I know those photos make it look fairly beat up, but it isn't that bad, and is still smooth.
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It looks like the lower bearing race. Look at your fork and see if there is a race on it. Also it looks like it could be possibly the top bearing race. Most of the time the lower race doesn't have a split, but some headsets are like that.
Ok, could be, got the forks and the headset separate so it is kind of hard to tell ect what is what. I think i'll need to buy a lower race then. thanks
So from top to bottom it goes:
Fork crown
Fork Race
Lower Bearing Cup
Upper Bearing Cup
Upper bearing
Upper Bearing race
Then that thing that sits on top (?)

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