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6 Xpe / Carclo 10 Mm Optic Narrow

crisillo said:
Sounds good to there an already running thread with just beamshots?

if not, start one and will stick it or I could just stick this one ;)
Thanks Crisillo This one sounds the right title.

Ok here goes

Only beamshots and discription and link to build thread.
, no comments start a thread for comments

Emitter = 6 XPE Q5 leds
Optics = 6 Carclo 10 mm 10417 narrow optic
driven by a maxflex @ 700ma per led. Hi / LO
Build thread here

OPTIC CHANGE Swopped out 2 narrows for 2 elipticals


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troutie-mtb said:
Mods -Can we please have a beamshot thread made sticky
like the diy database one
with only beamshots and emmitter / optic specs

If you agree register your interest here
Quite a good idea Mr Trout :thumbsup:

IMHO everyone beamshot should be made with the same camera settings.
e.g. MTBR shootout settings

"camera settings: full manual, ISO-100, Exposure-6 seconds, Aperture-F4.0, Focus-Manual, White Balance-Daylight"

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All pics MTBR settings, 1st small tree ~20ft, 2nd small tree ~50ft, Treeline ~100ft

NR HID on 13.2v NiMH (the brightest of the three I've had)

MC-E Modded Cygolite Tridenx

Cutter 3-up R2 WH, Fatman, 900mA, Med Optic

Big Light, 5 levels of maxFlex from highest to lowest






Tarsier Occam Dynamo/NiMH (single MC-E, 27mm reflector)

Cool White on Dynamo Power (~3W)

Neutral White on Dynamo Power (~3W)

Cool White on NiMH AAs

Neutral White on NiMH AAs

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holy molly, what kind of lightining system are those, i once was using a catseye nytlight with dual halogen reflectors 3watts and 6watts 6volt rechargeable battery. now i'm using a led light but it doesn't come closed to those. i have to get one of those world war 2 spotlights :)

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Does anyone know how to change the exposure and whatnot on my canon SD850IS? I don't think it's possible but maybe it is...

Here are some I took last night. F2.8, ISO200, exposure time 1 second, it just happened to use these settings, I didn't change anything.


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Triple XR-E R2 with Ledil, Carlco, and DX1920 optics compared

This is my first build, an achesalot design using 3 x XR-E R2 WC tint, running at 1000ma using buckpuck. All shots taken using DSLR - 6 seconds, F4, ISO 100, whitebalance = daylight.

The soccer goal is 40' away and the yucca tree is another 90' past that.

The images are in this order:

- control
- comparison using MTE SSC P7 torch
- 3 x DX 1920 optics
- Carclo optics - 2 x ripple medium + 1 x plain tight
- Ledil optics - 2 x CRS-M + 1 x CRS-SS

** Control **

** comparison using MTE SSC P7 torch **

** 3 x DX 1920 optics **

** Carclo optics - 2 x ripple medium + 1 x plain tight **

** Ledil optics - 2 x CRS-M + 1 x CRS-SS **
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