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We want to take a moment to address some frequently asked questions about the Beacon Hill Project, and the Sekani Bike Park.

First, the survey. Beacon Survey
Thank you everyone for taking the time to do this web survey. The information collected will be used in the trail/connections workshop this Fall, and for general planning purposes. Please, if you have not done this yet, it only takes about five minutes to do the whole thing.

Link to survey
Be sure to distribute this link to folks you know, we would like responses from trail users, neighbors, anyone in the neighborhood…

Why the focus on Camp Sekani?
The short answer is, Fat Tire Trail Riders Club has permission to do trail work and maintenance there. We are working with Spokane City Parks and Recreation to develop mountain biking opportunities. We have a great partnership and lots of support for mountain biking activities in the city park. We hope to be setting a positive example for other land managers and property owners.

Why aren't you building any new singletrack?

Many of the major single track trails are on private property and we do not have permission to maintain them, or to build new trails, yet. In addition, completing a trail inventory is in process, as it's a good idea to inventory what is already there, what kind of condition it is in, and where it goes in order to determine where is best for the trail system. One of the goals of the Beacon Trails Project is to develop positive relationships with ALL the property owners to benefit the trails and the landowners.

Why the big focus on the bike park?
We have full support of the Parks department to develop mountain biking at Camp Sekani. This can serve as an example of forward progress and development, while we continue to work with creating relationships with private property owners. The idea behind the bike park is to develop more trails to take advantage of the natural terrain; to develop skills areas for all riders to develop technical riding skills and have some fun, and to enhance the local mountain bike experience.

Why is the gate always locked at Camp Sekani?

The Spokane Parks and Recreation Department is in the process of cleaning up and getting ready to rent the caretakers house out. The caretaker is responsible for locking and unlocking the gate and for monitoring the parking areas to discourage negative use. This process is expected to take a couple of more months and after that we will be able to reopen the gate.

What are the other long term plans for Camp Sekani?

At this time Parks and Recreation is working on reestablishing an archery range with construction to start late 2009 or early 2010 that has been inactive for the last 20 years. This range will mean that a couple of trails will be rerouted. The reroute should improve the ridding while adding more users to help monitor the property. Other plans are to work with local school districts to provide outdoor education programs on the site, provide office space for the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department and to have a meeting room space available for groups like the FTTRC.

Are you only talking to XC riders?
Why the focus on DH riders?

We have volunteers and participants from all parts of the mountain biking spectrum: XC, DH, FR, advanced, beginner, recreational to racer. If you think your view point isn't being represented, you are always welcome to come to a meeting or join a planning session. Watch these newsletters or check our website/calendar for dates and information.

What about maps?

The end goal of the Beacon Trails Project is to produce a map of the whole trail system. Until we can have communication and agreements with all the parcel owners in question, we may have to wait. However, we CAN produce a map for Camp Sekani, and it is in the pipeline.

What is the charette?

The charette is a two day intensive design workshop for the Beacon Trails Project. Focus teams will generate ideas for access/trailhead concept designs; community & regional connections; historical/environmental interpretation; maintenance programming; and multiuse recreation. The Beacon Hill Trail Connections Design Charette will draw upon the expertise of diverse community members and professional landscape architects to create ideas for connecting the trail network with key destinations. On Saturday, Oct. 25, there will be a public open house to showcase all the information generated by the charette. The next charette planning meeting is July 9, 12-1:30 PM at the County Public Health building. If you'd like to help with planning this event, please let us know, mtb @

How can I help?

-the bike park planning/design group is looking for an organizational type to help coordinate the design, put together work days, planning and work process. Contact Angie afeser @
-the charette group is looking for volunteers to help with fundraising, planning and logistics.
Contact Penny mtb @ See above for next planning meeting
-donations to FTTRC are welcomed, as is support through membership. We are a 501(c)3 Not for Profit organization.
-come out to help at a work party. We will putting out dates for the rest of the summer soon so you can plan ahead.
-got another idea? We'd love to hear it. Check the calendar at for our next meeting/ride/event and come on by.
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