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Those fat bikes look like a ton of fun. I've been checking out the "Fat Bikes" forum lately and would love to ride one in the snow.

That pic of all the bugs on your leg made me cringe. :eek:
Oh cool! I was camping up there on Sunday / Monday. Assateague never ceases to amaze me with the bugs, and unfortunately more often than not the crowd you seemed to have run in to. But the sanctity and ocean toward the end of the island is really nice.

I started resorting to 20" bikes to get riding in, never thought of a fat tire bike. Looks awesome.
Come on Sanders get with the times you need a 29er
mines on its way
Ok, the bug thing: not cool.
Dont worry Sanders....Im still contemplating the Chase maybe next month....need something to "fling" around....especially around town!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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