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seven summits. deserved a post of it's own. i've ridden more than a few epics, and this one was good, real good. almost too good in fact. all i can say is go there, right now. the climbs were actually super fun (about 1200m) and the decents were a mixture of buff singletrack and crazy fun tech rocky sections. good times.

short fireroad section, and a bit steep

gives way quickly to some really cool rock slab climbing

with a scattering of singletrack and crazy switchbacks. in fact, the switchbacks would dominate both up and down the rest of the ride.

at any given point, you never really know which summit of the seven you are on....

damn this ridge riding is epic

plenty of descent (2200m) to be had

oh yeah, and more climbing

the final descent was so fast and awesome, i didn't get too many good snaps, but we did have a few flats.

unfortunately i did bail about 1km from the end, which trashed my knee and my bike. oh well, such is MTB.

because of the fall, i have no pictures of nelson but x-ker and k-star rode "the vein", which apparently was nothing to write home about....

I just wanna ride my bike
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Seven Summitts is great. We did it in mid-July on a Friday with temps about 20C - perfect for riding. The whole day we only bumped into three hikers and a couple of mtn bikers. And it was fun to finish on the Dewdney trail. Looks like you did, too.
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