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BC Bike Race Vids of Day 1 and 2

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whoa whoa whoa man that whole fast forward thing gave me a headache, slow that vid down
norona said:
Wow that is a tech first day! Completely different than when I did it the first year. Looks like racers will need their skilz early now.

Nice, thanks for posting.
Yes day 1 will sort things out early instead of a long gravel road which is too easy. Lots of good climbs and tech descending and Day 2 is amazing from Nanaimo to Parksville 70km all off road single track except for a 15km section of logging road to shoot over the to to Parksville. Will be awesome!

You'll have to come back and do it! moto dave
Oh nooooo, I'm terrible at elevated beams. Hope my partner will pack some extra band-aids.
Do not worry, you can ride arounbd all the wood work! It is just less fun!. cheers dave
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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