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BC Bike Race 29'er taste

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I'll write up a mess later, but I couldn't resist posting this photo. Tim and I decided to do a bobsled style start on the final day's team time trial.
Yes folks, those are acid washed jean tights by Tomasso. We were sponsored by the 80's.
Only one other set of bigwheels up in the Great White North (Reed/AKA Cornfish). Seems like big wheels haven't caught on up there yet. Silly Canucks.
(photo from BC Bike Race site)


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there were lots of big wheels at the 24hrs of adrenaline in canmore this weeked. But mine wasn't one of them, I wasn't about to SS the race. Mad props for Ferday for doing 6 laps on his SS.
Saw quite a few 29'ers at yesterday's Ontario Cup race. Fishers, Misfits, Jones, Salsa, and many others.
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