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bb7 on drop-off the, what the.....

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How to mount bb7's onto marz Drop Off's?-What kind of adapter I need? -
They bolt up but i had to install 3 washers btwn caliper and fork mounts on both bolts>
There must be a better way methinks!
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I disagree with reptilez...
I went through this when I installed BB7's on my Marz. Junior T. Avid makes a specific adapter to fit the Marzocchi forks (not included of course!). I don't have the part number handy anymore, but it was listed in the manual or paperwork that came with my BB7's. I believe they only make one for a 203mm rotor though, which wasn't a big deal for me since I was running a 203mm rotor on my bike. Hope this helps.

Alvin Caragay
Hermosa Beach, CA

Edit: Just did a quick search online. The part number for the proper adapter is BR6947. Buy as I stated, it's only for a 203mm rotor. I don't think they make one for smaller rotors (at least I couldn't find one before).
Here's a place selling them:
Hard to say from your description. Is this a 20mm axle fork with IS tabs and you had to space the caliper towards the rotor? Normal to use spacers (5mm IIRC), had to do that for my 02 Z1 FR, came with my 04 Z150 FR SL. PS hard to tell what adapter without knowing rotor size.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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