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BB30 on my F29er

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i received THM cups and bearings

installed on my F29er frame
intalled the spindle of 132mm

but on left i have 29 mm of spindle , on right 19mm

any suggestions ? are the measure right to accept the crankset ?
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That's sweet! Is any of that custom or is it production stuff?
the cups are the stock THM Clavicula ones

the spindle is the stock of a SL cranckset from Cannondale

... all available in a "candy" shop
i tried to install a 42-26 carbon SI crankset

seems to spins well....

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Sweet! :thumbsup:
What length spindle would I need for a 73mm wide bb?
Thinking about getting a BB30 crank for my Prophet...
I checked a German online store and the the cheapest THM cups were like $100.- including shipping which is not bad at all.... :thumbsup:
uh ... not checked the lenght of carbon SI spindle

i bought from WW forum shop , Starbike , the THM cups

delivered in 3 days !!!!!!!!

remember that THM cups need a special tool to install , need to buy it too

it is similar to Shimano BB cups installation tool ( TL-FC 32 if i remember well ) BUT NOT the same
are the crankarms equally spaced, or are they offset to one side?
for now, i installed a carbon 12mm spacer on drive side and only one black plastic shim on left side

the BB shell in my frame is 68 mm

i NOT installed the black big spacer ( the one to screw in left arm ) to have same distance of arm
contact STARNUT on the ww forum. He has a kit made for road but will also work on the mtb if you're running 2x9. Either that or PM me.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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