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What is your budget?

There is a couple of BB30 cranks.

SRAM X0, X9, X7
FSA K-Force Light, SL-K Light, Energy

Or you can get an adapter and run any other crank on the market. Shimano, RaceFace, E-Thirteen, etc.

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I currently have a 2 x 9 Middleburn on a Cane Creek Isis crank, that I love. On wim I purchased a newer from with BB30 and feel this may stiffen my bottom bracket. So I've looked at a few brands and the X9 BB30 appears to be a decent option, price seems about right, it is reasonably light, but not at light as my former setup, and maybe not a stiff as I may want. Hence my question to the board - I know I can convert an outboard BB, but then weight is added - this is my race bike and could like to save if I can (yeah I know it's in the BB). Race Face and FSA top end out board cranks sets are super expensive, perhaps there are some other thoughts out there - ideally XO BB30 would be my 2 x 9 choice but is $500. So what's my budget...? somewhere between X9 and X0...thanks in advance.
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