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Hey guys, hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

i have a major quandary with a complete lugged steel frame I built. I don’t have a full set of tools so I took it to a friends shop to use his bb taps. He had two tools, one of which was borrowed from another local shop. We tap the threads, l/h is a little tight, but all fine and dandy.

Except, my collaborator on this build then has the frame to add custom racks and bags, and he messages me to say, wtf is going on with the bb? Did you use an Italian bb tap? The r/h thread is fine, the left is loose enough that it’s possible to push a bb cup all the way in.

I check with with my mechanic friend, he says, no my bb tool is normal BSA both sides. The borrowed tool as well, he thinks. We track down a l/h Italian cup which predictably doesn’t fit. Not even one thread. More careful measurement shows a slight ovalisation of the bb shell. I don’t have a permanent workshop so the frame has been carried from place to place, Maybe it was dented during transport, who knows.....

My research on a fix suggests Threadless bb (won’t work, as rh thread is fine) or epoxy in the l/h cup...

is is it possible to fill the l/h threads with silver and retap them?
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