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BB 24hr represent

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big bear peanut butter condition 24 hour riders represent! my first 24hr race. was on a fun team but we all got in 3 laps. what a f**kn blast! cool to see all the young local davis/canaan folks workin there and hangin out too. even saw some friends out for a joy ride on my 2am lap that rode with me for a bit. my night lap with ipod was about the coolest thing ive done in a while. maybe it was the brownie sue gave me?! :) outdoornut was a good pitcrew for a few teams too. kudos to the folks with the keg on trail by the wv night club camp at the end of the last lap for the mandatory beer stop too! met riderx from here, congrats to his team getting to podium in the singlespeed class.. or maybe it was fixie.
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Good meeting you out there oldnoob. We raced an all fixed gear team (Fixed Not Broken) in the single speed/rigid class (confusing? ;)). Great time as always at Big Bear. Wishing the course was dry, because it rides really nice when it's fast. Not that it wasn't a good ride for the race, it can just be even better. And yeah, the beer stop at the WV Lounge was welcome on the final lap :thumbsup:
Beer lounge? I must have been out of it. Great time though. We had a keg back at camp so I don't feel so bad.
Dammit. I missed the beer lounge too. They need a big sign with blinky lights.
Anyone see the hula hoop girl in the woods? Lights, musics, lighted hula hoops...
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