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battery pack voltage

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I have a light (Magicshine MJ-900) and the accompanying Magicshi\ne battery pack that uses 2*18650 LG LI-ion battery cells,7.2V 2.6Ah. I would like to use a different battery pack that takes 4*18650 batteries, and the pack rates at 8.4V ( Could the voltage difference in the 2 packs damage the light? Is it ok that the voltages are different? Thanks in advance!
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no 8.4 is the same, actual running volts will be fine

they are just deriving the numbers from laboratory optimal conditions of fully charged cells
which would be 4.2 volts plus 4.2 volts = 8.4 volts

but 7.2 is it's more like a discharged cell 3.6 + 3.6 = 7.2

so generally if you see 8.4 or 7.2 and it's 18650 or lithium's the same thing...
two cells in series...or in a 4 banger 2 parallel/2 series
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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