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Basic Air Fork and Shock Supplies/Maintenance?

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New bike, depleted wallet. I wanted to do basic maintenance for suspension care. I don't expect to do any REAL maintenance since the LBS gave me a 1 year maintenance freebie. Most of the equipment says 100 hours before a rebuild anyway.

My new bike came with an RS Recon Solo Air fork and a Fox RP2 rear shock. Got the shock pump. After reading the manuals, only the front fork is asking work each ride. It says to lube the dust seals after each use. How is this done? I havent seen a schematic that says "dust seals". Do I just oil the stanchions? I apologize if the answer is obvious.

So its the dust deal lube and a wipe down for the stanchions (?) after every ride. Which shock oil do I purchase for the dust seals? The manual does not seem to specify. The 5 or the 10 weight? Any recommendations for standard Pep Boys - O'Reilly sold oil? Anything else I need to buy or do after each ride? Thanks!

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You can lube the seals by cycling the fork while upside down or just use some silicone spray on the stanchions
That helps a lot. Thanks! /bing
Can of silicon oil and a rag

Before every ride, i spray it on the stanchion and seals, cycle the suspension for abit, then wipe off the excess using the rag and polish it up the stanchion, keeps the suspension like butter and dosent collect large amounts of dust
Then after your ride, wipe off any dust build up on the sealing points of the fork and shock
Should keep your suspension runnig nicely for awhile
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