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My opinion is not to bother - all that they seem to do (on a singlespeed) is collect crap between the bash and the chainring, which is a pain to clean out.
The chain does a pretty good job of protecting the chainring during log crossings etc, so I don't see any need for a bashring.

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I've been using bashrings on my SS bikes for a few reasons:
- Strength: some have managed to bend the spider and chainring with Shimano 4 bolt cranks. The bash should add some strength there, just like a big ring.
- Chainring bolts: I can use regular ones, not shorter.
- Looks

I suppose it is not really necessary for log crossings and such. Not sure if rock contact is worse for the chain than tree contact.

some cheap bash the LBS happened to have, actually undersize with the 36T ring:

This came with the cranks:

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The only time I've used them was setting up my friends with 1x? combos. On ss I'd have to get over something at the very upper crust of my skill range before I brush anything. A bashguard would be a purely aesthetic addition to my bike.
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