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Wonko and I rode this loop last Sat. We started from the Chikamin creek TH and went up the main road to Rock creek. Snow patches started at about 3,500'. There were quite a few blow downs as well. Tons of mosquitoes. As we got a little higher, the trail got drier and blowdowns smaller so that wasn't bad at all. We thought about taking a side trip all to the top of Basalt peak but there was too much snow on the trail so we turned around and went down Basalt pass right away.

I hate to say that but that trail wasn't much fun this time. Too much snow at the top, a few blowdowns, and more importantly it's steep enough to deserve a BIG bike but I was on my all-mountain 'single' speed (a two-speed hardtail - one speed for going up the mountain and another for coming down :)).

Once we 'landed' on FS 6201(?) we decided to go to the end and give Lower Chikamin Tie a try. That trail was fun but way too much snow in places. It should be mostly clear by the 4th of July. The last part (Chikamin creek) was definitely the best part of the ride. The trail was pretty much in the best shape I've ever seen it. Minimal dust and no blowdowns. Again I wished I was on my big bike. The hardtail's rear wheel seems to spend too much time off the ground which I found somewhat annoying ;)

No pictures this time but here is a good one of Dave S. that I took a couple years ago (that's on the 'summit' trail to the peak). You can see Chikamin ridge and the road to Chikamin Tie down in the valley.

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Damn, Igor, you've got a singletrack mind. :p

I've imagined this scenario:

Justin: Dude, Igor, what are you riding this weekend?

Igor: Basalt!

Justin: Dude, Igor, what are you riding next weekend?

Igor: Basalt!!

Justin: Dude, Igor, what are you riding the weekend after that?

Igor: Basalt!!!

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