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Hey gang,
We're meeting at 8:00am this Saturday at the Main Cottonwood Trail Head on the South side of 160 (where the restrooms are). After the ride we'll be discussing our plans for the Blue Diamond Epic ride that will replace Blue Diamond to Jean this year.

We are planning to switch the Blue Diamond to Jean point-to-point ride to an Epic Loop this year for the following reasons:
• We have to have our permit in to the BLM in several weeks.
• We are concerned that the recent rains have damaged the trail and the access roads.
• We haven't had any time to survey the damage to the trail and access roads.
• We would rather spend our Spring and Summer trail work days on trails that see mountain bike use all year.

I think that is all. And thanks Eric and Jen for volunteering to help out. If you come out Saturday we'll start the initial planning for the event. If not, we'll be setting up a meeting in the next couple of weeks to get the ball rolling.


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Unfortunately Harry took a nasty dive off his bike last Saturday and has a whiplash injury, so we'll be hiking instead of biking this coming Saturday.

We won't be able to make May's trailwork session either because we'll be in England. Hopefully we can make the meeting though.

- Jen.
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