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Hey gang,

Last week I took a few much needed days off up to the Steamboat Springs area. I camped up north of town, just outside of the Zirkel, and did a bit of Continental Divide Trail riding.

In direct opposition to the largely red and doubletracked nature of the White rim trip, the theme here was "narrow" and "green".

Here's some visibles:

Wide, Red:

Narrow, Green:

(She's right in the middle of the trail)

I did a little loop, heading north on the CDT through the burn area,and then back south along Scott's Run. It was lovely singletrack and replete with textures and flowers.

I did attempt one of those timer type shots, as I was riding alone and the stark, burned landscape needed some life in it to avoid the total Chernobyl effect.

But I quicly abandoned such frippery in favor of riding. I'm much better off behind the camera, not in front of.

A down on its luck tree indeed.

Back in the graceful embrace.

I drove back though Rocky, and was treated to spectacular climactic conditions.

And the usual cast of characters


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wow. i really need to get back to colorado. new england has it's own beauty, but sheeit, we don't have mountains like that. thanks for the tuesday morning lift.


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Jayzus you got some nice shots, thanks for posting! I am partial to the burnt-log-in-water shot, but they all rock. Well done.
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