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Spring Barbie Camp - 4/25 to 4/27 | Disciples of Dirt

Spring Barbie Camp

Event Date :
Fri, 04/25/2014 (All day) - Sun, 04/27/2014 (All day)
Campsite on Wychus Creek, 3 miles south of Sisters, OR

Spring Barbie Camp

Join the Disciples of Dirt for a fun-filled weekend of riding, camping, eating, drinking and hanging out around the bonfire. Spring Barbie Camp is held on Wychus Creek, across Three Creeks Lake Road from the Peterson Trail Network. Note this is a different location than Fall Barbie Camp. See below for directions.

Saturday and Sunday there will be group rides on the Peterson Ridge network and/or some of the other Central Oregon trails. Saturday night will be a potluck dinner, a giant bonfire and refreshments provided by our sponsor Ninkasi. Everyone aged 18 or older is welcome.

We will be in a disbursed campsite with no amenities-no picnic tables, no drinking water, no permanent bathrooms. DOD will arrange for a portapotty but you are responsible for anything else you need. So bring a warm sleeping bag, a drinking mug, and get ready for a good time!

Directions to Spring Barbie Camp:

Go to googlemaps

Paste the following line in its entirety into the googlemaps search window:

Three Creeks Lake Rd @44.246032, -121.548683

These coordinates show exactly where you turn off Three Creeks Lake Road to get into the Barbie campsite on Whychus Creek. Now all you have to do is this:

Print the map showing the coordinates above. Bring the printed map with you.
Drive to Sisters
In downtown Sisters, turn south onto S. Elm St.
Stay on S. Elm St. Drive about 3 miles and you'll come to the coordinates above.
Turn right off Three Creeks Lake Rd. to get into the Barbie campsite
Watch for a Barbie Camp sign along the road.

Hope to see you there!
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