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Bar Ends recommendation?

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Just looking for some recommendations and maybe pics of them on your bike?
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Singletrack Solutions bar ends are great! They are big enough that you can get some extra leverage, but small enough that you aren't going to be grabbing a branch or something as you pass by. Ergons are nice for the whole grip/bar end thing. Comfy!
Easton EC90's are excellent with a really nice ergo feel and pretty light at 81 grams.
Take a look at the Forte Kor bar ends as posted in this thread from the SS forum
If you're doing longer distances and want a really comfortable alternative hand position, try Cane Creek Ergo IIs. They're a bit heavy, but insanely good. They integrate with ODI style lock-ons, although I use them with silicone grips.
Hope that was useful for you--just noticed it was my 100th post ;)
The Ergo II's are supre-comfy, but weigh a ton and don't get you much further forward. The Singletrack solutions similarily lack leverage, and are much less comfortable (I didn't use 'em half as much), but are WAY lighter.

The EC90's look great, but are expensive. Sette has a carbon bar end that weighs about the same for 1/3 less. They don't look quite as good, but I'm tempted...
Ritchey WCS ends are 50-70grams are are solid. I hate those mini-plastic ends... I've had a few crack and smashed.
Since you asked for pictures:

Single Track Solutions

Cane Creek Ergo II

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I use those el cheapo carbon ones that go under many names (first set I bought was full price :nono: , with the "Forté" branding from Performance, I think they were a bit overpriced at over $20/set). After that, I found someone on eBay in China selling the same damn ones for only $8.00 :eek: so I jumped on it. Of course, I use Belgian bar plug ends-they're pretty neato, since each one you buy comes with a 750ml bottle of Belgian ale. :thumbsup:

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Ritchey WCS. If you're a weenie with lots of money, Extralight.
Love my Cane Creek Ergo II's, but I'm not a WW and I do this for excercise and fun not competition.
+1 for the Cane Creek Ergo II's. I've had them on my last 3 bikes and love them. Great alternative hand placement for climbing/flats. Very comfortable, great feel.
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