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What you read and what they said...

Rod said:
I use the Cane Creek Ergos that the guy is hating on above me. I like them and they have a rubber grip so your hands/ gloves won't slip. I have also never caught them on anything. I ride with a 120mm stem so that may be why I don't see a problem. With such a long stem my front tire stays on the ground.
Easy. What you read was "Cane Creek Ergos suck". What Womble said (in fewer words) is that one of the advantages to bar ends is you get multiple hand positions, including moving out in front of the bar: "I should have added that stubbies (and Cane Creek Ergos) are pretty useless for moving your weight forward for climbs."

Womble is correct. For moving your weight forward for climbs, stubbies are not effective.
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