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For someone that is 5'8", would a 12" , 14" or 16" be best?

Some DJ, some Urban. I am not a big air person, but likes to do some manuels, some trials, tricks, some harder trail riding, and some DJ at the local bike park.

Also, I heard it is a pain to get parts for this bike. Something about custom bottom bracket from Funn in UK, and something about special seatpost.

Who has one and Is this true? Getting this as a Brand-X instead of thru banshee

one chain, two sprockets
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Frame sizing is a tough question for somebody to answer for you. You basically need to select a top tube length that fits your comfort/riding-style needs. Hopefully you currently have a bike you can measure for reference. The Scratch frame sizes have the following top tube lengths:

12" frame = 21.5" TT
14" frame = 22.5" TT
16" frame = 23.5" TT

You'll have to balance TT-length with; stem length, your inseam length,etc.

The Scratch uses a 27.2mm seat post - you can get them almost anywhere. Same for the BB, but it is an American BB. You can use almost any BMX crank/BB, or use an American-to-Euro BB-adaptor for MTB cranks/BB. I would recommend the American BB. It's not difficult to get parts, or to build-up a Scratch. However Banshee officially dropped the Scratch in 2008, so you may have to search for a frame (I don't know how many are still out there on dealer shelves...).

Hope this helps...

Tom P.
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