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Bank owners- question

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How deep is the seat tube reamed, ie how much seatpost height adjustability do you have? I guess an easy way around would be to run say a 27.2 post with a shim, but I figured I'd check.
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I am running a 27.2 with a shim in mine, so I am no help other than to confirm that you can run a full length 350 Thomson 27.2 in it...I think its uncut
How low can you get it? 350mm is a little longer than the seat tube.
I have mine up about 5 inches I think. Its my race bike and I dont like the feel of a completely slammed seat. How much post are you looking to run? Do you want to be able to pull it out all the way so you can pedal it XC?
Yeah, I'm hoping to be able to pedal a bit, and still drop it to throw around.
Hey, I just built mine up last week.

The seat tube seems to be reamed the whole length. I am running a 400mm Roox seatpost in 31.6 for pedaling days, and have no problem putting it all the way down, about 100mm still shows.

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