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Ball To The Wall

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Keystone opens in 30 hours!!
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I thought maybe you would share with us how your lost your other testicle
Well lets see... There I was... At Keystone, and...
And WP and SolVista have been open for a few weeks now ;)
linusplatt said:
Keystone opens in 30 hours!!
check this ?

Sorry to hear about your nad man.

I did my first weekend at SV, then the second weekend at SV and WP, and the third weekend at WP. I think I'll give Keystone a few more weekends to get stuff ready before I head over there. I'd imagine everything at the top will be closed.
Ball to the Wall? Is Lance doing some downhilling?
EVERYTHING at Keystone will be open in the morning...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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