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Baja Stryker - $298.00

LightPriceClaimed LuxRuntime Battery TypeLight head weightBattery WeightInstalled WeightLux per gramLux per dollar
Baja Stryker$2987003:00hLithium173309502 g.10.12

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.


Baja Designs is new to the bike light market and was eager to show us their Stryker light. They've used their extensive Motorcycle and Offroad lights racing experience to produce a very rugged bike light. The head unit is big and made of very sturdy plastic with the front rim protected by a rubber casing. The battery is nicely sealed as well as this light seems ready to take on the roughest conditions.

The system comes an extra reflector as well that can be used to produce a wider beam. We tried the wide reflector and it is remarkable and we fully recommend it instead of the stock one. The wide reflector makes the center spot a flat oblong shape instead of round. The outer halo is the same but the center is much wider and lights up more of the trail with the intense center beam.

NOTE: The Stryker uses the Cree MC-E emitter and NOT the Seoul P7 that as stated in the video above.

Light Head close ups:


A handlebar and helmet mount is included in the package. The handlebar mount base needs to be installed with velcro and is thus not easily portable and is meant to stay on each bike. The light head is then screwed on with a thumb screw and it can be aimed left to right easily.

Light Meter Measurements:

This light is advertised at 700 lumens and it measured 52 lux on our meter. This is extremely high for the rating and we are pleased that Baja Designs is conservative with their own rating.

Even, better news is we put on the wide lens and the light measured in at 54 lux. This is pleasantly surprising but the wide center spot seems to reflect more light in our test room. It looks brighter too to the naked eye so we wholeheartedly recommend the wide reflector.


  • extremely rugged construction
  • beautiful beam pattern with a wide halo
  • included wide reflector is a bonus and very desirable for bike use
  • weatherproof and waterproof up to 70 feet.
  • available full-face helmet mount


  • use of zip ties for mounting
  • light head unit is a little bit big for helmet use

Bottom Line:

This is refreshing new entry that is a little bit different from the current crop of available lights. If you want a rugged, weatherproof light that is bright and is a good value, this is a good choice.

Beam Pattern Photos:

Baja Stryker

Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

Value Rating:

4.75 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

4.75 out of 5 Stars

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