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my buddy had to cancel last night on our AM ride. He is incontrovertibly weak and has his priorities wrong, but its crucial to our ongoing jockeying for bragging rights to determine if he flaked or if he simply bailed.

The Facts:
--he waffled all week, but committed to the ride Thursday night
--he took an ugly spill on National on Thursday, PRIOR to committing.
--he sent me 2 emails asking for directions and clarification to the parking area on Friday
--his cancellation occurred just outside of the 8 hr window for a decent night sleep.
--he has a longstanding reputation for being wussy about getting up early
--he is a better technical rider than me, so had at least one huge advantage in his pocket for in-ride heckling.

--The emails seem to be the most aggravating circumstance in the case for his flaking, as they indicated a clear pattern of commitment. However, one might say they were necessary to the information gathering required for a competent ride decision to be made.
--His prior sleepy-headedness can not be held against him, since he did give fair notice.
--Cancelling a ride where you can whoop-up on your buddy's skills is poor strategically, but actually to my benefit.

My conclusion: bailed.
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