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Check this out...I just returned from a three week camping trip with my wife and three kids. We spent 11 days near Quebec City, then Lake Placid for 8 more days before heading home. Anyway, I have a Coleman trailer that I had a receiver hitch put onto, so I could use a Thule hitch mounted rack. On the drive from Pont Rouge in Quebec to Lake Placid, the pin that holds the rack up came out, letting four bikes drag on the highway at 60mph. Now three of the four are not my good bike (one gets trashed, the other two need new wheels and tires). But my Heckler's month old custom wheels (King Hubs, DT Swiss rims) get hammered, too.

Well, I guess it could've been worse. The hubs were ok, no damage to the Heckler otherwise . Nobody got hurt or anything either. But it cost me $800 (almost $500 of it for my bike) and there I was at Whiteface Mountain for a week without my baby!

By the way, I KNOW the pin was in and clipped properly before I left Pont Rouge. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

Thanks to Brian, Jason, and Logan at High Peaks Cyclery for hooking me least I got one day of riding in before I came home.
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