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Hey guys, I had a long weekend. Off Friday (4th, God bless America, HOOWAH!) Did a few miles on the roads around the neighborhood Friday morning, rode around with my son and a neighbor kid that evening. Took the neighbor kid to a local trail yesterday (Sat) morning. Riding the trails, most of the way back to the truck thankfully, I started to have trouble with my rear hub. It didn't want to coast, first noticed something was wrong when I coasted a short distance then when I started to pedal again the pedals had to sorta "catch up" before I felt any resistance. Then it would hardly coast at all because the rear cog would keep turning and the chain would get all fouled up if I didn't keep turning the chainrings to take up the slack. Very annoying.
My bike is a cheapie I bought a month ago at Dicks and yes now I know I would have been better off spending 600 to 800 bucks on a decent ride to start with but now this is what I'm working with. Long story short it's a Diamondback Outlook, the rest here if you want to read:
So I limped back out to the truck, got back to the house and took a shower. Decided I would take the bike to Dick's, let them fix the wheel, then go to Performance (we have one local) and get a GOOD wheel and tire and just keep whatever junk Dicks replaced my wheel or hub with for a spare. I had less than 75 miles on the bike when it failed and don't want that happening again 100 miles from now when I may be 10 miles from the house or something.
So anyway I called the closest Dick's which is where I bought the bike, they said no techs would be there until Monday. So I called the next closest one they said they would look at it. Not a big deal because they are pretty much on the way to Performance where I'd already decided I was going anyway.
Get to the Dick's tech looks at the bike and says to fill out some paperwork and leave him a number they'll call me when it's ready. We start talking bikes a little he seems like a cool guy. So I mentioned if he didn't think it would be done today I'd just take the rest of the bike with me and that I was going to go get a spare setup at Performance anyway, so I could still ride the rest of the weekend. He's like "that's cool I only need the wheel, let me see what I've got maybe I can do it now." Few minutes later he comes back to say he could probably do it in a couple hours. Cool with me I'll just look around a while, and there's an REI next door too to browse at anyway. By the time I look around at Dick's, walk over to the REI for a while come back looks like he's about done. Shortly thereafter he comes out and says, "I've got it all together but we didn't really have the right parts, your cassette has different gearing than it did so it may feel funny getting used to." I'm like "Not a problem, you think that hub will last longer than the first one did?" He said he hadn't seen any problems with them coming back might have just been a fluke. I'm checking out the new parts, the cassette is a Shimano MegaRange with a huge first gear cog, cool. Anyway I thank him for hooking me up so I didn't have to wait till next week and take the bike throw it in the truck and head over to Performance.
Walked the bike inside with me, I don't have a way to lock it It's just laying in the truck bed and if any questions come up about what will fit it's there with me. Picked out the Forte rear wheel with hub for $125, ask a salesman about a seven speed cassette (they only had one seven speed on display mostly nine speeds) he says go ask the mechanic he's got more back there. So I walk back there with my rim and tire and ask the guy what he's got in a seven speed to fit it. He brings out a Shimano in a box that says like $45 on it. I say "What exactly will I need for tools/parts such to put it together?" He says "Just take it up front and pay for it, bring it back here I'll put it together for you, what's it goin on?"
Me "This piece of junk right here"
Him "What's wrong with what's on it?"
Me "Nothin I guess, just had it fixed at Dick's, but it broke down on me this morning and I don't trust their crap anymore."
Him "Well, you should have brought it to me"
He checks out the bike as we talk.
Me "I know that, but I figured I'd let them do whatever they were going to do on warranty, then get the good stuff here."
Him "They put that hub and cassette on there under warranty?"
Me. "Yup"
He looks at it for another minute and says "Give me that cassette back and put that wheel back up, you're done, you've got good stuff on it now." Heard him and the other mechanic go back and forth a little about "threaded on" something or other and bla bla I don't speak their language yet, but anyway I got the feeling they were impressed with what he did and his work.:) So I just picked up a new tire and a light and got out of there. Rode a few more miles that evening on the street. Man does that thing have a granny gear. Took it back out on the trail this morning and everything seems to be working well. Definitely with the new granny gear and knobby rear (Panaracer Fire XC PRo 2.1) tire it climbs nearly effortlessly on the really steep parts compared to before.
SO the guy at the Cary, NC Dick's (Scott, I think) fixed my bike up (and pretty damn good apparently) without making me wait for the cheesy parts that came on my bike until next week. AND then John at the Performance Bike in Cary saved me at least the $150 I had walked in there prepared to spend on a wheel, by telling me what I had was as good or better than what I was getting ready to buy
. Looks like we have some great folks in the local biking community here. Thanks guys!
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