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I bought a 2004 GF Tass at LBS which came equipped with a 04 Rock Shox Pilot XC. The Fork had some issues and was rebuilt twice before it was send back for warranty after the 3rd failure. I asked the LBS to upgrade it at the same time and we agreed on the DUKE XC U-TURN based on their recommendations and reviews here. I was also to Pay $100.

I pick up the bike after repair and it has last years (2003) XC-AIR. I am upset because:

1. I discussed and requested XC U-Turn and got XC AIR.
2. I feel the $100 I paid may be unfair. Regardless of MSRP, previous year model items are typically sold at a discounted/closeout/clearance prices (even when the design has not changed).

Often times however, I am accused of being irrational. So I wonder, do I have any right to be upset this time?

Should I:

a. Demand my money be returned.
b. Demand the XC U-TURN that we agreed upon.
c. Stop whining and just ride the damn thing.
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