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My shock has been leaking oil so i went to take my shock in to get it fixed. After over a week of having my bike i called them up to see whats going on this is the run around i got. :madmax:
MY LBS said that fox will not warranty my rear shock!!! I was running to much PSI back there was running 250psi that it. Then i asked what i should be running they said i should be running 180psi thats right where it should be. That the max PSI is 200. But the rebuilt the shock for me. The LBS rebuilt it for me. So i went home all angry they made me feel like i was stupid. So my wife got on the bike to go ride around she is 130psi guess what she calls me up and goes there is oil all over the bike and down tube. Comes home there oil every where. So i called up the LBS they go no we did not tuch we cant rebuild fox shocks or forks. So then i said so you lied. So you had my bike for 1 week then let me come and pic it up and all you did was take out the air? They did not know what to say to that. So i called the LBS manger after hanging up with service told him every thing I am going in there sunday he said he was going to take care of me get me a new shock off a different trek. The best part of this all is that the bike is only 1 month old. I called up Trek and fox i must have wasted over 1hr on the phone trying to under stand what the max psi is.

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I have something for you: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Regarding the shock, this is a quote from the Fox owners manual you can find online
Pressurize your main air chamber to a minimum of 50 psi and no more than 300 psi. You will tune to a more specific air pressure in the Setting Sag section below.
The owner's manual is in the tech center, here:

Expose you problem directly to Fox and to Trek, and make sure you complain about the LBS to the latter.
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