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Is it normal for a small amount of fluid to seep in between the caliper halves when the lever is squeezed ? I'm no Hayes expert, but I think not. Only one of the calipers does it and if you listen closely as you cylce the lever it makes a fizzing noise. I already replaced the caliper once, but the second new one has the same issue. The seeping also only happens when the pads are squeezed against the rotor. I'm guessing it could be a tolerance issue.
So out of 3 brand new calipers, 2 have this issue if it's not normal.
I've checked the caliper bolts and they're tight (factory torqued). I split one of the caliper halves and the oring is there and there's no obvious defects on the caliper faces.
I'm really considering getting another set of Hope Mono M4's or the Juicys.
Any Hayes experts experience this?

Are the levers firm or can you pull them all the way

to the bar? If there is a leak you should be able to pull them to the bar. If you can then you've got a problem. If not, are you sure it's brake fluid? It could be water getting squeezed out when the caliper is stressed under braking. I don't know anythig about Hayes, but this happens on the old Hopes, and people mistake it for brake fluid.
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