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Backyard riding in Parker.......

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My house backs up to the open-space area in Parker. Fortunately there's even a small amount of single-track in some parts....though it's all very mild. Here's a few pics from this afternoon.

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Nice! is that the paved bike path that goes by Hidden Mesa?
Well, technically yes. The bridge pic is where the paved path starts. This is in Parker, behind the Cottonwood area (470 & Parker Rd). You can take this path all the way down to Hidden Mesa though. I actually just got back from Mesa (went there on my lunch break). Not bad, a good mix of packed snow and mud.
nixgame22 said:
You can take this path all the way down to Hidden Mesa though.(went there on my lunch break).
Maybe not "all the way" at the moment. Last night I went out for a quick ride on the bike path with my hardtail. I had planned to ride from my house in Pinery Glen up to Stroh Ranch and grab a couple thing at KS. However, I found the gate for the Cherry Creek trail at Scott Road locked up tight.

Also, there are ROAD CLOSED signs on either side of the bridge on Scott Road where the trail is supposed to coincide with Scott and the frontage road. I wasn't about to chance Parker Road in the dark (even with lights), so I turned around and rode down to Franktown and back instead.

Anybody got the 411 on what's with the closure? I tried the DC and Parker trails/parks and rec websites to no avail.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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