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Backbone connector in Sycamore is P.O.'d.

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Started to climb it yesterday, at the transition to the second steep part the bushes crowded the trail. I ducked under a leafy branch and continued. Soon there was P.O. on both sides with no room for error. F this I said and turned around. The leafy branch that was handle bar high was intertwined with P.O. Crap - hope I didn't pick it up. Soon after someone came down and said he ridden through the bush. Good luck!

I'm not going back until I see pictures of a cleared trail. P.O. is miserable stuff.
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I went up guad and then down backbone yesterday afternoon. I know I am going to be hurting in a couple of days :( . I had PO block on my legs and my arms were covered but that part you are reffering to is pretty dangerous when you are going down. It is about head high and if you are not paying attention you are going to get a face shot of the PO.
Quick dude

Get out the Technu!
I have P.O. all around me. Washing myself afterwards with this, is what I think has saved me.
bad shiat...need to use roundup
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