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Back to the basics....SS pilgrimage

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This post was written up after reading jorgemonkey's fabulous passion hit and the "Why Singlespeed?" sticky.

About 4 years ago, I got into biking. Bad. I converted a junked steelie Specialized Hardrock my dad found to an SS on campus one day (got sick of the crappy shifting so I took off all the rusted cables, derailleurs, shifters, and some chain links and subsequently dropped them in the nearest trash can). I settled the chain on the 30/16 ratio and never looked back.

Every day whenever I got the campus, there was always, always something on my mind. Call it love, or infatuation, or whatever, but I lived for the few moments I'd have zipping along on my comfy SS between classes or going from one campus building to another. As strange as this may sound, and make you reach for the -alt+left arrow-, I would feel butterflies in my stomach over the anticipation of getting back on the bike and going full gas down the academic corridor, with classmates looking at this guy going by with a silly smile on his face, riding a bike with only a front brake, no handlebar grips, and one speed only.

Then, when class was over, I'd go for a 30-min ride. Over the new construction zones, over the gravel, through the sand, over broken glass, between dog and goose crap, and places a world away. I'd come back all tired, hating myself for having a stupid SS that wouldn't get easier uphill, and then alternately loving it for the quick acceleration I'd get whenever I wanted it...Then i'd repeat it the next day, all the while looking at my bike as I locked it up, with this look that said, "I'll be back, wait for me."

Between then and now, a Mantra, an NRS, and some others have taken my time, but I miss the old days. Those care-free, -just sit and ride and forget about the rest- days need to be brought back.

SS, here I come. The Zion EBB is finally getting built up!:D
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Maybe I do not see single speed as religion because they were the only choice when I was a kid and/or because I've never been without one for 40+ years.

There are some trails and scenarios where I clearly like my single speeds better. There are scenarios where the silence or simplicity really is nice or superior or but I am no place close to talking stupid crap about putting my dual suspension bike for sale, my hard tail for sale or my road bike for sale. My gears, and 130 mm of rear travel make some riding easy that I never thought possible, and rarely ride across town stuck in one gear when my cheap 7 speed bike gets me there faster and has little steal me appeal.

As far as off road my single speed has had less time used since my home trails changed to what people stupidly call "technical". It just seems dumb to walk and carry a bike when technology will allow my middle aged butt to stay on the bike and ride the stuff. Semi-rant almost over... Calling trails technical is still not as dumb as "blog".

I guess I've gone back to basics if using flat pedals most of the time means anything.
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.......same old...same old..

This 'subject' gets done over every once in a while, usually on the singlespeed forum.

All I can say is... it's not a 'religion' nor is it a 'fad'.

For me, it is a way to challenge myself and my body/mind.

There are no shortcuts or crutches when you ride SS. You either ride it ... or you push it.

Pretty simple stuff, really.

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