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I set up my older Sugar for xc racing. It was easy to build up a 25lb bike with my extra parts. It is a fast bike with less than 3" travel in rear and 3" up front.
I've been riding it since April and was pretty pleased with the the ride.
It is a very firm racey bike that handles well.
After my last race for the spring, I decide to get back on the Hollowpoint for the summer.
The first ride I took was not very promising. I really couldn't climb and the cassette
was making some grinding noises. It was set up very plush. I was considering putting the parts back on my Jamis frame. I thought this bike was overkill for my trails.
Turns out that the setup was way too soft.
I knew this bike could be fast....I had raced it before with good results.
I took my time and set up the shock and fork a bit firmer.
Yesterday was a cool day and I took it for a spin. Man, I rediscovered the sweet spot settings. This bike felt like magic! I was flying around the trails by my self.
I was having a blast. It felt quick and smooth. I need both, the bike delivered.
I later ran into a few friends I ride with. One of the guys is expert level and he was commenting that I was feeling frisky today. I was just cranking through the root gardens and flying through the trails. It was awsome.
Lesson learned. Set up your DW link till it feels right. It makes a huge difference.
The only place the Sugar is better is on long smooth/steep climbs, but that is also due to the weight difference.
The local Performance is tempting me with an Azure Expert.
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