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so yesterday (sunday) we were suppoused to ride from el Centro de Choulula to Las Antena, (this is in central Mexico) sure that would be nice, no real climbing untill we hit las antenas, pass a few pueblitos and ride a fair amount of paved roads or terracerias, why dont i take Camilla (my c'dale HT)... yeah I think I will.
8:00 a friend of mine(#1) arrives at my place, we had to pick up another friend(#2) after that and by 8:45 we arrived to yet another friends(#3) house were we had planned to leave my car and start the ride (its roughly a 10 min ride to cholula centro). as friend #3 was comming out we realized it was 45 mins later than we had planned to start the ride, no biggie, however he also pointed out that the ride was gonna be roughly 4hours+ long, and 2 other friends were MIA. so he suggested we try metepec, and we agreed on that (metepec is about a 30 min drive away, and a 1.5hr ride aprox) the ride begins with a road climb (1.8Kms very... very... really, its very steep) and then goes down the side of a cliff and the kind of track u would apreciate a FS bike because its basically a cattle road built by a series of wide steps made with rocks. Ive done it before on the HT but lately ive been riding priscilla (FS Turner flux) since april and was a bit concerned about doing such a techie ride back on a HT.
so we started to climb and switched our testosterone on. friend #2, #3 and I took the lead while friend #1 took his own pace. we started making some jokes while we were still on peloton mode and I took the first offensive move, #3 stuck with me and #2 was slowly being left behind this seemed strange because #2 is on the track team at college and runs the 400mts flat race; we later found out he hadnt trained in two months and he was trying out his dads new bike so he was just getting used to it. 3/4 of the climb up #3 makes the move to loose me, I stick with him for another 100mts or so but my legs began to burn like hell, so he took the win.
top of the climb and its ALL downhill from here. a couple of climbs near the end because we go below where we started. #2 and #3 head up to the start of the descent and I stay back giving #1 tips for the downhill (he started riding 3 months ago) we regroup and my friends nominate me for the lead down, sure, i hessitate a bit because I know the rocks may bounce u OTB if ure not careful and of course I wished I was on my flux. I took off anyways (yeah, like i had a choice) last time I made this track was over 5 months ago, as i began to go over the rocks they started to steer me all over the place, got the hang of it by the end of the first set of steps and realized it wasnt that tough as I thought it would and waited for the rest of my friends. I was feeling great on the HT and almost made it look easy; untill friend #2 made a perfect run-off landing OTB (judges gave him 9.79) on one of the sets of steps. he came out clean, however he bent his rear rim and we had to take about 20 mins untill it was rideable again. things went smooth from there on and near the end of the ride we started to do some more techie climbing over rocks, no problem whatsoever, it did feel diferent having to choose cleaner lines and doing more body adjustments on the bike compared to the flux but I really enjoyed it.
I realized u never really forget ur first true love (or at least ur first real Mt bike) this girl's a keeper and she will have to get along with the flux. she still gives me a fun time out on the dirt
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